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What Are We Up To This Fall?

by Heidi

First off.. Welcome to our blog if this is your first time visiting! Second.. we are exciting to announce:


Once again you will be able to find your FAVORITE doulas at the Baby & Tot show in Abbotsford, BC.

(if you look really close in the video you will see lots of footage of our beautiful booth from last year!)

BC’s Largest Baby & Toddler Expo

October 24 2015 – 10am – 5pm

October 25 2015 11am -4pm

Tradex – Trade & Exhibition Centre in Abbotsford

1190 Cornell Street Abbotsford, BC  V2T 6H5


  • Shop & sample over 150 exhibitors
  • Get educated on everything you need to know from pregnancy to birth & beyond!
  • Chat with experts behind your favorite brands & save big with show specials!
  • Enter to win a Gourmet ALL INCLUSIVE 8 day/7 night Family trip for four at Azul Fives Hotel, by Karisma Mexico! Courtesy of Flight Centre Associates  
  • LOTS to see & do for your little ones! From our play area to meet & greet with their favorite characters, it will be a feast for their little eyes & ears!

There’s so much to see and do at The Baby & Tot Show! A valuable event for expectant parents & families.

Stay tuned for ticket giveaways, Yellow Bird Birth’s grand prize draws and so much more!



-Amanda & Jaclyn

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Car Seat Safety Part 1: First Ride

by Heidi

Car Seat Safety Part 1: First Ride

It’s a moment that can make parenthood real. Your new baby has been in the safe confines of amniotic fluid, and more recently, surrounded by the safe walls of home or hospital. Now your baby is on their first car ride, and you realize that there are thousands of people in cars & trucks zooming past you that don’t even realize, and shockingly don’t even care, that you have a precious new baby in the back seat!

You might nervously sit in the front seat and wonder how your baby is doing so far away and alone in the back seat. You might be sitting right.there.beside her. Your chauffeur may be extra careful to signal well in advance, drive slightly more defensively and maybe slower than normal. This is the first drive of many.

Feelings of concerns for your baby’s safety are justified. Crashes happen. People are still texting, drinking, being distracted and making mistakes behind the wheel. Tires blow, unsecured loads fall off, and drivers fall asleep. Our newer vehicles have so many safety features built in, that we don’t even realize they are there until we need them. Airbags are hidden all over the interior and crumple zones are designed to protect the occupants. We all know about the seatbelt, and that it is extremely effective in reducing injury & death. But seatbelts are designed for the average sized adult man, and many of the airbags too (this is the main reason children under 13 should NOT be in the front passenger seat).

So how do we protect our new, tiny baby today and in the years ahead? The answer is both simple and complicated. Simple: Use a child restraint that fits your child and is installed and used correctly every time. Complicated: How do we know what fits my child? What seat fits in my car? Are expensive seats better? How DO I install my child’s seat correctly? When do we move to the next stage?

There are stats all over saying up to 90% of child restraints are installed incorrectly, so asking a friend that is already a parent, might not give you the correct advice. One infant seat that worked great for your 9lb 22.5” niece might not be the best choice for your 5.5lb 18” bundle of joy. So who can you turn to for advice?

A nationally certified Child Restraint System’s Techician (CRST…or car seat tech), is there to help! Some chose to become techs to complement their day jobs while others of us are just parents wanting to make a difference in our communities. We are passionate about Child Passenger Safety and helping parents & caregivers keep their children safe. Most of us are volunteers and are not compensated by anyone.

What does a car seat tech do?

-We recommend seats! Just because it’s a Rear Facing Only infant carrier, or it says ‘Starting at 5lbs!’, doesn’t mean it will fit a newborn well. We take into account your specific vehicle (make/model/year), if you or your partner is tall or short, whether or not you have other passengers riding along in the back seats and your budget when suggesting a seat.

-We meet with you in person. Go over your vehicle & car seat manuals. We check your install for tightness and correct recline angle. Show you how to install your seat using UAS (lower anchors) or seatbelt. We will show you how to adjust the seat to fit your baby and go over other do’s & don’ts of the infant car seat. Answer any question you have, and if we don’t have the answer we will ask our tech friends if they have the answer! Finally, we will get you to install the seat so you are confident you can do it yourself correctly!

-We explain the best practices for child passenger safety. Most medical associations recommend rear facing until the minimum age of 2, or preferably longer. Ask us why the overwhelming evidence proves this saves lives and significantly reduces injury.

Need help? Have questions?

Find a nationally certified CRST (Child Restraint Systems Technician) near you here!

Find a tech

A great resource is our friends over at Vancouver Island Car Seat Techs. They keep an up-to-date compilation of recommended Canadian car seats. If you don’t see the seat you’ve been eyeing on this list, there’s likely a good reason it’s missing.

Infant Seats

Janice Kampman, CRST

I’m a Fraser Valley based car seat technician, passionate about child passenger safety. I have 4 young kids and usually 5 car seats installed in my van. I love working with people to figure out a 3-across that works for their vehicle, testing fit of car seats in clients vehicles (with my vast collection of seats!) and advising people of what seat would work best for their situation. You can contact me here:

[email protected]

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The Crazy of Tandem Nursing

by Heidi

The Crazy of Tandem Nursing

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!! I would love to share with you my adventure in breastfeeding, more specifically, what tandem nursing has looked like in my life and in my children’s.

I always knew I wanted to breastfeed. I was encouraged by an amazing network of experienced mamas who supported me and my choice to breastfeed my first, even before I had her. Our nursing relationship started within the first hour of her birth and besides the first two weeks of constantly being latched (and the discomfort that came with that), our relationship grew and progressed very positively. I only once didn’t have enough milk, and that’s because I didn’t pump enough before leaving on an anniversary trip with my husband. But my sisters, who thankfully were also both breastfeeding their babies, shared some milk they had stored up and I had an amazing weekend away.

I had the goal of nursing to two years old, but that was more of a milestone than an end date.

Fast forward to having a nursing toddler and being pregnant with my son. I didn’t realize it, but my milk supply pretty much dried up. I had never heard the term “dry nursing” until recently, but that is what my daughter was doing. I was a bit sore and had to set boundaries and cut feedings short now and then because I was uncomfortable, but I still enjoyed nursing throughout my pregnancy and wasn’t ready to give it up.

Breast feeding two sisters twin baby girls at same time.

When my son was born, my colostrum came in, then my milk came back with full force…..ouch! The first month of tandem nursing was tough. The first few weeks after birth are generally no walk in the park, but adjusting to life with two nursing children left me exhausted and an emotional mess. My daughter started acting like her two year old self, tantruming daily, demanding my milk and attention constantly. I felt guilty every time I had to tell her to wait for milkies or cuddles. My son was pretty easy and loved sleeping on his own, what a blessing that was, and he always was the priority to feed, change, and sleep! But I was in a constant state of planning the next feeds and naps and meals for my daughter and I, stressing about the crying fits…from all three of us!

Then I had an epiphany. I realized if I stopped nursing my daughter that day, she would be completely fine. If I ended our nursing relationship, that would be 100% okay for both of us. We had 2 amazing years, and she is a well adjusted, securely attached, and healthy 2 year old who knows she is loved and cared for! There would be no negatives (besides the initial emotions) for either of us, there actually would be some positives for me! So I decided I would stop nursing her, and be okay with it, whenever I chose.

Terms like Extended Breastfeeding, Child Led Weaning, and Tandem Nursing filled my Facebook newsfeed daily, and I used to feel like I wasn’t a good enough mom unless I made those things happen. But I got real with myself and my family needs. My daughter didn’t NEED to be breastfeeding and I didn’t NEED to nurse her. We would be okay.

Suddenly the pressure was off. I gave myself the space and the control of our nursing relationship. I set some boundaries, I only nurse at bedtimes and wake ups (4 times a day), and sometimes less or more depending on our happenings of the day. Nursing her became then enjoyable again, a special mommy-only time that I treasure. I believe Child Led Weaning can be a beautiful thing, and I plan to continue nursing as long as it works for both of us (and my family as a whole). But it is okay to be done, feel like it is no longer a good thing, or even need to cut down on the number of feeds. It is OKAY! And Good! And as a mother, I will give myself that space for a healthy relationship with my child, whether that means nursing or not.

Breastfeeding two little sisters twin girls at same time

Mother’s discontinue breastfeeding for many reasons. We will all come to a point where we no longer are nursing, and there needs to be healthy talk about those times of transitions. They can be emotional, stressful, confusing, and physically difficult (your hormones might go crazy!). We hope that your time nursing ends in a joyful, peaceful way that benefits both mother and child. If you are struggling with your breastfeeding journey, please contact us. We have amazing Lactation Consultants and trusted support resources for breastfeeding moms, lets make breastfeeding work for you and your baby!


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