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Why Business Of Birth?

by Heidi

I remember it clearly.  We sat in our hotel room, excited from our first day of doula training with the homework to write down how much our doula rate should be and report back the following day. How much we should charge each client for our doula package and it was a bit overwhelming but we had stars in our eyes! This would be amazing for our family, we could cover the mortgage or groceries for the month for our family. Perhaps it could be extra to pay for a much needed vacation or simply give us breathing room in your home budgets.

We couldn’t believe that our passion could be combined with actually making a sustainable living for our family!  We finished our weekend training and headed home gushing over learning the hip squeeze and stages of labour, learning how to serve our clients in the most beautiful way during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  I loved our doula training, but I soon realized we needed more education.  Starting a business is no joke and there are a lot of hoops to jump through.  From registering our business, finding insurance, creating websites and learning how to market ourselves in the community and online.  Whoa! It was a lot. After a year of pushing through we decided it was time to step it up a notch.

Business training.  Professional education to create the vision we had for our passion turned career.  We took the plunge and it was the single best thing we could have done. The next step was the bring on an experienced business trained operations manager, Kara. She had run successful incorporated companies in the past and was excited to come alongside what we were doing.

This is where you come in. I see you business owner, unsure how to bring in more clients.  Struggling with figuring out your operations and where to begin/continue with growing your business.  Perhaps you are tired, worn out and need guidance in this birth work profession.  Trust me, in a service profession mostly focused on women, financials are never the first thing we want to deal with. BUT…  I want you to live your passion, support your family and grow a thriving business.

For years now we have had doula after doula emailing/calling/messaging to ask for advice on what the next step is or where to begin.  We’ve enjoyed watching doulas flourish with the knowledge we have shared with them. It’s a passion of ours to elevate birth professions and see changes happen! We want you to succeed and created the life you imagine supporting women, their families and the entire birth community.

Join us this fall/winter with live Business of Birth: Intensive Training Conferences around British Columbia to take your OWN business to the next level! It’s time.

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Amanda, Owner/Doula & Business Trainer, Yellow Bird Birth Inc.

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