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Something Was Missing…

by Heidi

I was sitting in a room of expecting moms the other night. Listening to their stories, their excitement, worries and how they were feeling that day. I love this. I love listening to each beautiful detail but something stood out to me. There was a need and a want, something was missing for them in their pregnancies.

Connection. Community. Other women who were in the same stage of life.

I started thinking back to when I was first pregnant. I was working full time, most of my friends had careers and busy with dating or their new marriages and spent their weekends socializing and traveling. It was relaxing and I enjoyed that lifestyle but I felt like I was standing with a foot on each side of the line. I was partly in my social circle of friends and the other half of me was entering into a new world of motherhood. It was difficult to meet other women going through pregnancy. There are many many groups in my area for new moms. Mommy and Me workouts, meet ups and baby music classes. But other than taking a prenatal class where you walk in, learn and leave without getting much for interaction, there wasn’t much for an expecting mom.

Have you felt like this? Have you been able to find women to surround yourself with who are going through pregnancy at the same time? Building good solid friendships.

I wanted to create a place where women, during their pregnancies, can come and build relationships, talk about what they are feeling that week and get a good workout at the same time.   A place where it is relaxing to come and stretch your body and work out any discomforts you are having. A place where you can laugh a lot and get a little crazy (just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t shake your hips!).


I am inviting YOU! Come join us. Special invitation to hang out with great women, relieve pain during your pregnancy and have a fantastic time!

Don’t miss out on our July prenatal fitness session, sign up today! Email me at [email protected] to reserve your spot for this 4 week session!


Doula and Prenatal Fitness Instructor in the Fraser Valley, including Abbotsford and Chilliwack

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Do You Love Your Strength?

by Heidi

When was the last time you loved every part of your body? When you took a moment to appreciate every muscle, visible or not? When was the last time you looked in the mirror and became in awe of your reflection?

Your body’s strength. How it has adapted to life changes. It’s softness. It’s hardness. The beauty it’s made of.

I haven’t always thought this way. It’s been a journey.

In my early twenties I started a dance class at The Goddess Movement in Abbotsford. At first I was nervous and self-conscious but the more I relaxed and followed the music, the more fluent my movement became. Catching my reflection in the mirror and appreciating the way my body moves and flowed and pushed through each step. It was amazing and I loved it! After a while I started instructing my own classes and made a point to the women to love what they saw even if it didn’t feel natural at first. Pick a favorite part, legs, shoulders, or even how their hair flipped through the air and just be in awe.

Pregnancy is where the real changes happened. Emotionally and physically. While I didn’t enjoy maternity jeans and giving up my heels, I loved the changes and new shape as I was growing my baby. I was fascinated by how each cell had a job and did its part to nourish and prepare for birth.   I loved that my arms were strong enough to grip the squatting bar as I pushed my baby out. I respected how my pelvis expanded to let my baby be born with ease and how after the whole birth process, I had a boost of hormones that left me on a high for hours, unable to sleep.


It was hard at first but I started hiking to regain my endurance and strength after my pregnancies. I guess it was the feeling of climbing a mountain, seeing the view at the top and knowing I did it! The rush of pushing through with adrenalin releasing as I climb over steep cliffs and scramble to the very top of the highest mountains in the valley. Just the other day I took on a new adventure with the encouragement of two sweet women. I kept thinking over and over, how did I get this far? Where did this strength come from? I love what my body can do!!! I was in awe… with very sore legs and a little sun burnt but definitely in awe.

Next time you are looking in the mirror, find something you really love… appreciate a movement your body does… respect the amount of time it took for you to get to where you are today.



Birth Doula and Mother Of Two

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20 Things to do in the Valley…While Pregnant

by Heidi

So you are pregnant…perhaps you are feeling a bit run down, tired of sitting at your desk or on your couch binge watching Netflix, and just needing to do something good for yourself. Well boredom be gone! Here are 20 things to refresh your mind, body, and spirit right here in the Fraser Valley that are doula and preggo-mom approved!

1. Walking is so good for you and your baby so take a stroll down the Vedder River Rotary Trail. This Chilliwack favourite is a flat, dog and stroller friendly trail that runs for 8km along the Vedder River. But have no fear, there are picnic tables, benches, portable toilets, and 5 different access points/parking lots along the way so it’s easy to just do a short section and return, or go for as far as you can and call someone to pick you up at the next stop!Vedder Rotary Trail2. Need some veggies or a hand made gift? Check out the Eco Market at Sardis Park! Every Wednesday evening from May to October, you can experience live music, yummy food, fresh produce and local artist sharing their crafts!

3. A La Leche League meeting is a great way to prepare for your baby and to meet other mom’s who have been where you are now! Questions are welcomed and you can know you are getting the best breastfeeding support from the lactation experts and experienced moms.

4. Rainy Day? Need to float? Head to the Chilliwack or Mission Leisure Centres for a dip. Swimming is an amazing way to stretch and gently work your muscles while taking the pressure off your back and feet!

Fraser Valley5. Need some baby gear? There are many swaps that happen throughout the year all over the valley. Some of our favourites are the Cloverdale Swap and Lil Rascals Swap Meet in Chilliwack.

6. Take a good read, like Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, to Wired Monk and enjoy a naturally decaf Roobios Tea Latte. Yumm

7. Need a perfect fitting nursing bra? Want to pick up some lovely things for baby or postpartum momma care? Head to With Child Birth and Baby Boutique and Nicole will set you up with all the goodies you need!

8. Don’t forget about prenatal fitness! Stay healthy and enjoy some time stretching and moving your body at Nurture You Prenatal Fitness Classes at The Goddess Movement in Abbotsford.

Prenatal Fitness Class9. Capture this precious time as your body grows and changes with a beautiful maternity photo shoot with Roxanna J Photography.

10. Looking for some baby swag?? Head to the Baby and Tot Show this October at the Tradex!

11. Treat Yourself! Head to Duft and Co Bakehouse for some delicious fresh pastries! And bring a girlfriend to wander the shops in Historic Downtown Abbotsford.

12. And while in Downtown Abbotsford, head to Precious Kargo to pick up some Charlee Dee baby accessories! They have the cutest drool cowls, bow ties, top knot head bands, and soother straps!!

13. Have a Blessingway lovingly orchestrated by Miranda from Elderberry Birth. Gather the women in your life to soak in their wisdom and blessings for your journey into motherhood whether it’s you first or fifth baby.

Pampering14. Let the pampering begin! Head to Gentebella Salon and Spa for a prenatal massage, and while you are there you might as well throw in a mani/pedi or facial!

15. Reconnect with your partner with a Babymoon at the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel. Walk the beach, enjoy the natural hot springs pool, and indulge in a delicious meal. Take this time to relax and dream about your birth and your growing family.

Harrison Hot Springs16. Don’t have time for a weekend getaway? Enjoy a coffee and dessert date at Decades! Choose an intimate table and comfy chairs and let the conversation flow!

17. Take an afternoon and go antiquing in Fort Langley. Find that vintage high chair you’ve always wanted, or a new treasure in one of the many local shops!

18. Take a picnic to Heritage Park in Mission. Bring a kite for the kids (or yourself!) and take some cute selfies in the gazebo or on the bridge.

Pregnant Picnic

19. Take advantage of the nice weather and go to the Twilight Drive-In Theatre in Aldergrove! Bring some lawn chairs or cuddle up in the car. The drive-in is always a fun night, and the kids love it too!

20. Have a date with your Doula!! Get ready for your birth and ask all those burning questions in the comfort of your home. It’s never too early to learn how to use your breathing and birth ball for a joyful birth! <3

-Amanda & Jaclyn

Birth Doula’s in the Fraser Valley.

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Exercise Effects Birth

by Dale Johnson

A wise woman once said “Squat 300 times a day, you’re going to give birth quickly”. While that may not always be possible in our busy lives, Ina May Gaskin sure knew what she was talking about when she states that physical activity can influence the birth process.

There are two main things that can drastically change the outcome of your birth, health and social support. By keeping yourself active in all stages of pregnancy, you can boost your mood, improve sleep, and reduce pregnancy aches and pains. Exercising can help to prevent and possibly treat gestational diabetes and prepares you for childbirth by keeping your muscles strong and building endurance, and making it much easier to get back in shape postpartum.

It’s recommended that during pregnancy, at least 30 minutes a day of exercise is ideal.

Exercises During Pregnancy

Walking: Easy to do almost anywhere and keeps you fit without straining your knees and ankles.

Swimming: Safe and effective, swimming is ideal because it exercises both large muscle groups (arms and legs), provides cardiovascular benefits, and allows expectant women to feel weightless despite the extra pounds of pregnancy.

Dancing: You can get your heart pumping by dancing to your favorite tunes in the comfort of your own living room.

Yoga: Yoga can help maintain muscle tone and keep you flexible with little, if any, impact on your joints.

Stretching: Stretching is wonderful for keeping your body limber and relaxed and preventing muscle strain.

Weight training: Using slow and controlled movements with lighter weights and more repetitions will keep you toned and strengthen your muscles during pregnancy. If weight training is part of your regular exercise routine, it is safe to continue (with care provider approval).

*Always discuss physical activities with your care provider to make sure it is safe for you and your baby. Stop if you are feeling dizzy, overheating, vaginal bleeding occurs, blurred vision, fluid leaking or you feel any chest pain. Remember that you have relaxing hormones which will loosen your joints, making it easier to roll your ankle, injure your knee or move your hips out of balance.*

We are excited to offer prenatal fitness classes in Abbotsford at The Goddess Movement. For more information, please visit our website or find us on Facebook!