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Supportive Companions

by Amanda

Research has shown that the support of a doula during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period can help growing families feel more confident and lead to a more satisfying birth experience and enhanced parent and infant bonding. During pregnancy and birth, labor doulas provide education, reassurance, and non-judgmental support. After birth, postpartum doulas provide ongoing education, emotional support and expert advice on all things baby!

The physical comfort measures that a labor doula can provide can help reduce pain and increase comfort during birth.

You don’t need to navigate the uncertainty of labor, birth and parenting a new baby alone. Your doula can be there with you, every step of the way.


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Why I’m Hiring A Birth Photographer, Finally..

by Amanda

Why I’m hiring a Birth Photographer, Finally…

So this is my 3rd pregnancy/birth.  It’s coming up fast next month and we’re planning a home birth this time around.  Midwives, doula, family, the whole works will be there in our home.  Now why can’t one of these people simply grab a camera and take some photos during my labour? Sounds like it would be easy enough, especially with technology these days even on our cell phones!

I want to capture those very special once in a lifetime moments of my baby entering the world as I’m sure you do as well. But after my other two births I realized that I shouldn’t leave it up to an amateur. While my family and friends tried their best and grabbed my camera out of my labour bag to snap some pics, they mostly turned out blurry and grainy.  Strange angles and poor lighting.  I loved that they also wanted to save these memories for me but I shouldn’t have to put that responsibility on their shoulders.

So this time I’m hiring a… BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER!

I want a professional, practiced and trained in low lighting (because let’s get real, most babies come at night) with high quality equipment.  It makes a difference! If you’ve ever been to a birth with a photographer you will be amazing by how sneaky and quiet they are,  they creep around the room finding the best angles and making sure to capture all the special moments of your strength bringing your baby into the world. It takes skills to do this! Trust me… you want someone who knows birth and understands the phases of labour so they can be one step ahead at all times.

I wish I had realized all this the first two times around but for my 3rd birth I am ecstatic that I can look back in years to come and see my strength, struggles and how my birth team surrounded me to bring my baby earth side.

I want photos of my mom holding my hand.

My husband whispering loving words to me while I lean on him.

My sisters boiling water in the kitchen to make tea.

How our living room looked with a birth pool set up and twinkle lights surrounding us.

My midwife calmly watching with assurance of my ability to birth.

These are important to me, I want to remember these things and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Also, my very favorite local birth photographer is Dori Marie Photography.  She was kind enough to share her work with us and I highly recommend this sweet woman! I know you will LOVE her.

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Birth Out Loud: In The Philippines Pt. 1

by Amanda


Two births (First in Philippines, second in Canada) and midwifery clinic in a rural village.

“I went back to work when he was 4 weeks old and started attending births, mostly doing prenatals in our midwifery clinic in the rural Philippines.  I watched one birth with him on my back and quickly asked if I could take a couple more months off because it was still too fresh. But he was on my back constantly while I did prenatals and did postpartum and then I started attending births when he was 4 months old, catching again. It was a whole different experience and it was still very fresh even though it had been a couple months.  I found my empathy for these women was through the roof and it definitely changed how I practiced midwifery. Once you have been through birth you’re like.. oh yes, I get it, I understand what you are feeling.

One month we had 39 births at the clinic where I attended at least half of those. Sometimes as an assistor, sometimes a charter or primary. It would get intense.  It’s different when you have a kid as he was still nursing. My husband would bring him in and I would quickly nurse him between contractions if I was the primary in the birth room. Sometimes it would be 20 hours of birth before I would get to see my 4 month old again so there was definitely an aspect of sacrificing time with my son in order to do it but my husband was awesome.  He filled in, took up all the slack that I was giving in the mothering aspect.

Having my newborn around the clinic was awesome.  It was a big family, all the midwives there were family so there was always someone there to play with him. Someone to hold him, even at 2am because he was a night owl. Especially if I was in a birth then I could always hear him in the hallway which was the hardest part for me.  Being in an intense birth and it’s so emotional, then hearing him cry and knowing I couldn’t go to him because I had a responsibility in the birth and I had to be a midwife first before I could be a mother.  That was hard and something I didn’t expect.”


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Blessings For A Mother

by Amanda

Let me introduce you to Edolbina.  She is the sweetest, seriously guys, the sweetest!  Her spirit is gentle and caring, she loves people and has a fierce passion for birth.  Rightly so that she would choose midwifery for her career and mission.  She enjoys watching her little boy explore the world, loves supporting her husband through life and will be there first one there if someone needs help.  Plus she has a love for iced coffee as much as I do!

Blessing Way Pregnancy

This weekend was a day that we could surprise and pamper her!  Edolbina is expecting her second sweet little babe and we couldn’t be more excited.

Blessing Way Pregnancy

If you aren’t sure what a Mother Blessing (Blessing Way) is then come take a look into our lovely gathering of women.

Blessing Way

Basically, it’s a way to honor, encourage and love on a women at her time prior to giving her.  It’s showing her that she has a strong village of support from the women around her.  Spending time reading beautiful words to her, pampering her with relaxing foot baths, painting affirmation flags for her birth space and so much more!  Oh and of course, delicious food!


Birthing Affirmations

Rather than the usual focus on materialistic items (baby gifts) and games about the baby, this is a time to spend in connection to prepare for birth.  Positive stories are spoken and lots of love given!

Blessing Way

We are wishing you all the best in your beautiful birth Edolbina.

You are a rockstar!

Pregnant Woman

Also, want to give a shout-out to Lydja with Hourglass Birth Photography for using her talents to capture this event!

-Amanda, Doula/Owner

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She is there.

by Amanda

She is there. Someone to be the “woman to woman” connection that is so primal and instinctive.  She reminds you that your body is strong and was made for this and that your baby is safe and ready.  She enhances your partner’s ability to be fully present for you and help him alongside this beautiful marathon that is birth.


She knows you through the hours of prenatal sessions together and knows your desires for birth.  She supports your choices and is there to gently remind you what your options are.

She helps you breath and focus, to go inward and let the tightening’s flow as you ride them out.  She keeps the lights low and the space in the room calm so you can get that good oxytocin flowing.


She reminds you to follow your heart, gut and intuition.

She suggests movements and positions to help your baby move further down, to help you rest and to connect with your partner.  She massages your feet, puts pressure on your back and grabs a cool cloth for your forehead.  She brings you back during transition when you want to close your eyes and are done.

A doula is a woman with experience and knowledge in birth.  She comes along on this journey as a guide and an encouragement.

She is there. 

-Amanda & Jaclyn

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Prenatal Intensive

by Amanda

Prenatal Intensive: An afternoon of Child Birth Prep

Prenatal Workshop

Sign up today! Email [email protected]

-Amanda & Jaclyn

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Breastfeeding Support: Please Welcome Sharina!

by Amanda

Breastfeeding Support Has Arrived!

Yellow Bird Birth is beyond excited to introduce Sharina Kim, our newest member of the team!

Sharina Kim Profile

Let’s get to know this lovely woman!

I am a wife and mother of (soon to be) two. I love baking, organizing things, going for walks, and chatting with women. When I encountered breastfeeding challenges after my first baby was born, I desperately wanted someone to come alongside me to guide and encourage. Without this help, I found myself trying to figure it out on my own. My personal experience inspired me to become educated in breastfeeding support to guide and care for women in these unique moments of life. In my work, I focus on evidence-based information and guiding women to achieve their own goals for breastfeeding. I visit women in their homes to assess their unique situation, offer personalized suggestions to help them meet their breastfeeding goals, and point them to resources as appropriate. Common issues I assist with include ineffective latch, nipple and breast pain, engorgement, low milk supply, overabundant milk supply, slow weight gain, flat and inverted nipples, pumping and hand expression, returning to work, and weaning.

Contact Yellow Bird Birth today to discuss how Sharina can help you meet your goals!

[email protected]

-Amanda & Jaclyn

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Encapsulation Sale!

by Amanda

Placenta Pills

Yellow Bird Birth is excited to offer a FREE Placenta Tincture ($25 value!) with every

Placenta Encapsulation Package purchased from now until the end of May!!!

Placenta Encapsulation is used to help restore physical and emotional balance, prevent or lessen the risk of postpartum depression, increase breast-milk production, shorten healing time, increase maternal energy levels, and provide an over-all feeling of wellness to aid in the transition between pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Register here now as we are booking up quick through the summer! More info on encapsulation and the benefits of tinctures coming this week!


Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulator

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Maternity Nurse: Why I Love And Hate My Job

by Amanda

More than once I’ve said I applied to nursing school on a whim. When I got accepted, I continued with that whim. I have a clear memory of my first year, first semester, sitting with all of my peers, and being asked by one of our instructors what area of nursing appeals to us the most. Like many of my classmates (most being female), I said maternity. “Who wouldn’t want to be a maternity nurse?” was my thought. You get to see babies every day you’re at work!

Well, almost 7 years after answering that question, I’ve got my degree and a certificate to say I’ve specialized in perinatal nursing. That’s what nursing likes to call it, “perinatal nursing.” It sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Yet, there are people out there who have no idea what “perinatal” means. I once heard of a nurse whose I.D. tag said perinatal on it, and someone thought it was her name. So, when asked what I do, I say I’m a maternity nurse, much like what I thought I would, back in that first year of school.

But what does being a maternity nurse mean? Mean to me, anyways? I’ll start by saying I love and hate my job at the same time. It is incredibly rewarding, but can also be overwhelmingly terrifying. I finished my specialty training close to two years ago (but spent a little over a year of those past two years off on maternity leave- my life revolves around maternity in some capacity or another!). While at work recently, I had the pleasure of working with a mama who was getting ready to have her baby (not her first). From the time I assessed her, to the time I encouraged her through the pushing stage and delivery of her baby, I had this crazy high of excitement. I LOVE being present at a birth-I feel honoured to be by a mamas side, to offer encouragement, to help her understand what the doctor just said if necessary, to help her figure out how to have her best birth. Maybe it’s because I’m still new to the world of labour and delivery, or maybe it’s because I really do just love labour and delivery that much, but I get so incredibly excited to be a part of it all.

Newborn Baby

As I mentioned earlier though, I also hate it. Labour and delivery comes with so many unknowns. When you come to the hospital to have your baby, most likely you’re just thinking of meeting that baby. Your nurse is thinking of how you get to meet your baby, but also is thinking of what could go wrong. I won’t get into details, but there are a myriad of things that may go wrong (more often that not, though, things go smoothly), so we’re constantly prepared for any outcome (but of course, we’re always rooting for a screaming baby at delivery!). Those unknowns are really the only part I hate.

I’ve done a fair amount of rambling, for which I apologize. So I’ll finish with this-I love being a maternity nurse. It’s an honour to meet someone and help them navigate through one of the most important moments of their life. That moment they meet their baby, both moms and dads, whether it’s their first baby or their tenth. Becoming a maternity nurse is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, even if it did all start on a whim.

-Darcie Eckert

Perinatal (Maternity) Nurse

Birth Stories: Chelci Unplanned Unassisted Homebirth

by Amanda

The story of Cyrus Charles Slater.

On Friday I began to have what I now know are contractions, they didn’t hurt, they were just there. Ross and I dropped Oakley off at my moms house and we went to dinner and we went to play mini golf. I think all the bending down to pick up the ball was really helping baby Cyrus move down, because by the end of the night Ross let me know I was definitely waddling now!

On Saturday we picked Oakley up and we went to one of the trade shows at Tradex. We walked around there for 2 hours and I was definitely contracting, but I was fine. I figured, awesome, early labor, my body is going to do this on its own this time! Woohoo.

So on Sunday, we went for lunch with my family, I was still contracting, but whatever right… Ross suddenly was feeling sick, and started being a grouch. Great, an annoying sick husband, and I’m the one in labor! Day continues on no difference, but still contracting randomly.

Monday comes, we had no plans, we just hung out at home. But wow, Oakley was SO CLINGY. She would not leave my side! I can’t remember anything that happened that day except that Ross was man sick and Oakley was crazy.

By 10pm my contractions were coming about 10 mins apart, they were a little more painful then before, but I was still cool. Ross and I got into a big argument at 1am, mostly because he was man sick and Oakley was STILL AWAKE.

I called Miranda (my doula) to come over, I don’t really know why I called her, because I wasn’t even convinced I was in active labor. But because my emotions were overboard, I figured I needed someone to talk to and vent to and I also figured she would know if this was the real deal, or still early labor.

Miranda arrived about 2:30am. We went for a walk, I vented, she made me laugh, she let me decompress and I felt better. But still contracting. But I was still able to laugh, walk, talk, etc. We thought Ross might be able to get Oakley to sleep while I was gone, but nope, she was still awake. All 4 of us went for a walk, how funny would that be, look out your window at 3am and you see 3 adults and a 1.5 year old just walking around like it’s the middle of the afternoon….

Anyways, we return home and Miranda convinces me that I need to get Oakley to sleep, once she is asleep, and I get some sleep, and relax… then hopefully my body will ramp up and maybe tomorrow labor will start. So I laid in bed with Ross at 345, I nursed Oakley, it was awful. My aversion with her was so bad. I had to grit my teeth and bear through it. All of a sudden I had 2 back to back very bad strong contractions. I had to squeeze Ross’ hand, and I said to him “OMG THIS IS IT, and if THIS IS IT, I CAN’T DO IT, this HURTS”.
It must have calmed down for a minute because I posted on FB at 4am on the dot… and then Oakley let go of my boob.. and my water broke!!!! Right there in bed. I must have yelled or something because Miranda came running in, and she helped me get through the next contraction while my water was breaking.
Unassisted Homebirth 1
I got out of bed and into the bathroom, and within minutes I told Ross and Miranda that I had to PUSH! I think we were all in shock at this point. Miranda got Ross to call the midwife, and then 911. I reached in and I could touch his head, he was right there!

I asked Miranda if she ever delivered a baby, and she said not yet! And I said me either but lets do it. I don’t remember very much after this, I remember Miranda was talking to me. But I have no idea what she was saying. I remember Ross rushing in and out of the bathroom because he had no cell service in there!

Weirdest but most awesome thing was when I got down on all 4s, I could feel Cyrus coming down, and then going up with contractions. It was the most amazing feeling. I didn’t experience that feeling when I pushed Oakley out, probably because I was on my back (ps– that’s just a dumb pushing position!!!).

I wasn’t even pushing, he was just coming !!! Next thing I know he was out! Ross caught him, and then Miranda pulled him up front onto my chest. He didn’t cry for a split second and I worried.. and then he cried. It was awesome. He was perfect. A few mins after he was born I said WHAT TIME WAS HE BORN!!!? haha, we all guessed 4:32am, so that’s what we went with.

911 showed up and said Happy Birthday to little Cyrus. they clamped his cord and Ross cut it. Then we just hung out in the bathroom, waiting for Heather the midwife.
Unassisted Homebirth 2
She came, and then we moved to the couch, where I nursed Cyrus for the first time, and Heather gave me a stitch.

My mom showed up… she was called when my water broke. She thought she was coming to watch Oakley because my water broke. She was confused why she wasn’t meeting us at the hospital, Ross forgot to tell her that the baby was coming NOW. So when she walked in, I was butt naked on the couch, holding my baby!!! She waltzes in with her coffee, and was shocked.

Then after a few hours everyone was gone, and it was just me and my little family.

I never imagined having a home birth, but it was amazing. I don’t have the words. It was unbelievable. You’d think this situation would be scary, but it wasn’t. it was calm, it was relaxed. It was perfect.

Cyrus Charles Slater
September 23rd
8lbs, 20.5″