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Birth Out Loud: In the Philippians Pt.2

by Amanda

Midwife clinic

“The hardest part for my husband I think was not having me around. Being a full time dad. He is a provider so not earning any money brought feeling like he wasn’t providing for his family was hard for sure. He had to sacrifice that a lot those years.
I spend a lot more time alone in Canada than I did in the Philippines. We just live with the 4 of us in the house as opposed to the 20 people rotating in and out so there’s a lot more isolation here. There is also a lot less fear involved in the first year here. I’m finding I have a lot less to worry about with her. In the Philippines death is so common in the first year, it’s so common. That’s why you never celebrate the birth, only the first birthday. So for my son being born in the Philippines, we came from a culture where of course we would celebrate the birth but they didn’t. It just is known that a lot of babies die. So in Canada now there’s this excitement around her that wasn’t there with my son. Because here people expect them to live, and usually they do. It the rural areas, maybe 30-40% don’t make it to their first birthday. Probably most of those are before 6 months.”


Yellow Bird Birth Series

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Birth Out Loud: Premature Labour

by Amanda



I was 29 weeks along when the cramping started and wouldn’t stop. It really scared me and my husband and we went into the hospital to get checked out. The contractions were coming pretty regularly and I remember laying in triage waiting to see what would happen as they put the monitor straps on my belly. They kept offering me drugs but I refused. I wanted to feel exactly what my body was doing, trying to understand why it wanted my baby to be born so early. The nurse came in and gave me steroids to help develop baby’s lungs in case they weren’t able to stop labour.

My husband sat beside me on the bed while the doctor told us all beds were full in the hospitals in surrounding cities for preemie babies and they were looking into transferring us to Edmonton or Seattle. I cried thinking about if my baby would survive being born this early and I didn’t know anyone who had been through this. The staff was amazing and very loving to us. I remember it exactly as the sweetest older nurse came in to chat with me. She sat down and told me about her own baby born at 28 weeks and how hard and emotional it was but that he survived and was thriving as an adult. Her words were what I needed to hear, to be reassured and loved on. I think that’s what makes a good nurse, knowing what your patients need even if it’s just saying the right words and being someone to cry with. She probably will never know what a gift she was for us.”


Yellow Bird Birth

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Love Local, Be Local

by Amanda

        Let’s talk local and community for a minute.

       Last night I had a great evening attending the Fraser Valley Boss Ladies networking event and ended up sitting beside a sweet woman who not only makes the most ADORABLE pies In A Jar but is also the creator of Loving Local in Chilliwack, BC.  She creates events/markets that bring vendors, live music, food trucks and so much more together.  I told her that she was awesome and how big of an undertaking that must be!  But honestly, I love her idea of bring local people together to create a community of support and empowerment.  For business and personally. She wrote this on her page:

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success ~ Henry Ford

        I love this as it relates so much to building up your village around birth and raising children together.  I’m not talking communal living here, although how sweet would that be?!  I mean having people around you who build you up daily, pouring into your life and you into theirs.  They sit with you over coffee and listen to your struggles, they help you discover the answers, and shine joy back into you. They come alongside as your children grow to be beautiful role models and help guide them through the harder times.  Did you have this growing up?  Aunts and Uncles perhaps, or maybe family friends?  It made all the difference in my life… especially as a teenager, but you know what?  That village was created long before I became a teenager with the trust and love already established. I want this for my children.


Happy loving family. mother and child girl playing, kissing and hugging

Pregnancy is tough.  Birth is tough.  Raising children is tough.  It’s time to build your village.

If you don’t already have people in your “village”, I want to challenge you today to reach out.  Build relationships by joining groups (online and in real life), talking to your neighbors and creating a space in your home that is open for others to come in. It starts with you. Go and be local.

Also, check out Loving Local’s event in August called “Made In The Valley”.  I will definitely be there!

-Amanda, Owner & Doula

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Blessings For A Mother

by Amanda

Let me introduce you to Edolbina.  She is the sweetest, seriously guys, the sweetest!  Her spirit is gentle and caring, she loves people and has a fierce passion for birth.  Rightly so that she would choose midwifery for her career and mission.  She enjoys watching her little boy explore the world, loves supporting her husband through life and will be there first one there if someone needs help.  Plus she has a love for iced coffee as much as I do!

Blessing Way Pregnancy

This weekend was a day that we could surprise and pamper her!  Edolbina is expecting her second sweet little babe and we couldn’t be more excited.

Blessing Way Pregnancy

If you aren’t sure what a Mother Blessing (Blessing Way) is then come take a look into our lovely gathering of women.

Blessing Way

Basically, it’s a way to honor, encourage and love on a women at her time prior to giving her.  It’s showing her that she has a strong village of support from the women around her.  Spending time reading beautiful words to her, pampering her with relaxing foot baths, painting affirmation flags for her birth space and so much more!  Oh and of course, delicious food!


Birthing Affirmations

Rather than the usual focus on materialistic items (baby gifts) and games about the baby, this is a time to spend in connection to prepare for birth.  Positive stories are spoken and lots of love given!

Blessing Way

We are wishing you all the best in your beautiful birth Edolbina.

You are a rockstar!

Pregnant Woman

Also, want to give a shout-out to Lydja with Hourglass Birth Photography for using her talents to capture this event!

-Amanda, Doula/Owner

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Need a bit of SPICE in your Pregnancy?

by Amanda

Need a bit of SPICE in your pregnancy? Hint… We aren’t talking cooking.

It’s the month of love and it’s getting steamy with couples ready for Valentine’s Day.  Roses, chocolate and perhaps a night away in a romantic hotel furnished with the MOST COMFORTABLE bed you have ever slept in.  Sounds nice doesn’t it?  All of this won’t get you revved up and ready for a spicy night with your partner if your hormones have taken your sex drive hostage!

It happens. Many women have a pumped up drive during pregnancy while others wonder if they will ever get back to feeling sexy and normal again! Fair enough, your body has undergone major changes and perhaps nausea and tiredness are still lingering.

Slight changes in your day can prepare your mind and body to get you in the mood.  Touching throughout your day is a perfect way to feel connected.  Holding hands during a walk, a bit of a longer kiss before you leave for work and spending an evening cuddled up together all help lead to a steamy night.  Does fatigue at night when you crawl into bed makes sex the last thought on your mind?  Try switching to mornings or afternoons when you feel more awake.

Pregnant Couple

Did you know research indicates women who regularly engage in intercourse during pregnancy have lower chances of giving birth prematurely? Having orgasms may be the key to lowering chances of giving birth early.  Great news, now let’s get spiced up!

  • Buy Maternity Lingerie: What better way to feel good than flaunting your new curves with intimates that are pretty AND comfortable!
  • Book a Photo Shoot: Maternity shoots are all the rage right now.  Spend an afternoon in a cozy bedroom with candles lit, music playing and some bright red lipstick as all the attention is on you making beautiful poses.  Or take it outdoors to a lush forest with a flowing dress that fits your curves oh so well.
  • Escape on a Baby-moon: A romantic little hotel in the next city for a night or flying away on a sun-filled, white beach vacation.  Either way a change of scenery may be the trick to spicing up sex!  Leave your worries at home and take some time to focus on each other before baby comes.
  • Find a Good Position: What felt good before might not be working for you.  Switch it up!  Getting on top, side by side (keeps the most weight off your uterus) or sitting down can make all the difference plus throwing a couple pillows in there takes comfort to the next level.

Communication and openness are the keys to maintaining or improving sexual satisfaction during your pregnancy.  Keep talking and remember, what is normal for other couples may not be normal for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Amanda & Jaclyn

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Business Manager (and more!): Please welcome Kara

by Amanda

The Yellow Bird Team is at it again!  We are busy creating a strong team of women ready to support you and your community.  We are thrilled to announce that Kara Wieler will be joining the team as Business Manager and Bereavement & Stillbirth Doula in Training.  She is skilled and educated in business operations and has a beautiful heart for women and birth.

Read more about Kara below.

Doula Still Birth 1

Kara Wieler!

I am an adventurer, a business woman and a mother of two very active boys aged 2 and 4. My passions are traveling, helping mothers and living outside of my comfort zone.

After living the last year and a half out of a travel trailer, touring western Canada with my husband and children, I am ready to settle down and start serving the community that I grew up in.

This December, I came to Chilliwack to partner with Amanda and Jaclyn at Yellow Bird Birth. Starting January 4th, I will begin a year of education with the StillBirthday Foundation ( ) to become a Bereavement & Stillbirth Doula. My hope for after this training is to be able to provide a necessary service to grieving parents during the most difficult time of loss: supporting the birth process and helping parents cope in the stages before and after. I also hope to facilitate a support network for women struggling with miscarriage and fertility problems.

Doula Still Birth

-Yellow Bird Team

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Power of Wisdom and Experience

by Amanda

Nervous Pregnant

Newly pregnant, I went straight to the local book store and bought an armload of pregnancy and newborn books. I would read them during my lunch breaks at work, at night before bed and any chance I got to sit down and rest. I obsessed with knowing the details since I was nervous about how my body would grow and how at some point I needed to get this baby out of me!

Somehow I thought knowing more facts would take away the anxiety.

My doctor wasn’t much help, bless his heart, he hadn’t personally experience birth and couldn’t relate on an emotional level.  I needed someone to mellow me out and bring me to a place where I could start imagining what I wanted my pregnancy and birth to look and feel like.

You can find advice all over, a group of moms getting together and trying to top each others terrifying births (at least this was my experience) or being told I should “just get the drugs” from online forums, or the best of all.. random people in the grocery store giving me information on how I shouldn’t have a home birth/use a midwife.

Then I found it.  A women who had older children, who was calm, wise and very encouraging.  She had been there, through it all.  She gave me non judgmental advice on enjoying my experience.  Not putting all the focus on the birth but the postpartum period as well.  Making sure I was keeping my marriage strong and involving my husband throughout all the months.  She had power of experience and approached me as a mentor, not someone out to frighten me or give me false expectations.

I appreciate all she did and I want to encourage you to find the same! Someone you can trust and who cares for you.  I’ve had many mentors during different phases in my life and I believe it is how us women are meant to pass on knowledge and live in a loving community together.


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Prenatal Intensive

by Amanda

Prenatal Intensive: An afternoon of Child Birth Prep

Prenatal Workshop

Sign up today! Email [email protected]

-Amanda & Jaclyn

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Car Seat Safety Part 2: Choosing A Seat

by Amanda

Where to start when choosing a car seat for your baby

Choosing a car seat for your baby-on-the-way doesn’t seem like too difficult a task…until you walk into a store, or start searching online and see all the options. And then how do you choose? Maybe a friend or relative has had a baby recently so you ask them what they have. Maybe you just decide to find one in a colour you like. Some people like to pick a stroller first and then see what car seat is compatible with that stroller. These are helpful starting points, but it can get more complicated than that.

Every vehicle, baby and adult comes in all shapes & sizes, and families have budget that vary as well. This can create some challenges. Are there other children, pets or adults that travel in the vehicle too? Is there a possibility of baby being pre-term or low birth weight? As a car seat tech, we take all these things into consideration when making suggestions.

woman choosing child car seat for newborn baby in shop supermarket

Things to keep in mind when shopping for an infant only car seat (Some convertible car seats may be used from birth, but I would talk to a certified tech or do some extra research before taking that route. It’s just as safe as using an infant only seat, provided the seat fits your newborn and is able to be installed at the required newborn angle in your vehicle):

-Weight & Height limits. Infant seats in Canada generally fall into the range from 4-35lbs and have a maximum height limit of between 29-32” (74-81cm). Most infant only car seats have upper weight limits of 22, 30, 32 or 35lbs.

Most of us are more familiar with weights of babies & children. We focus on that number and it is important, but the majority of kids will outgrow their car seats by height before they ever reach the weight limit. If you are trying to decide between a 30 or 35lb version of a seat, and you & your partner are tall, I would opt for the one with the higher height limit as opposed to being fixated on the weight. To give you some perspective, the 50th percentile girl will reach 30lbs around age 3. My 16 month old nephew is a big boy at 30lbs, and lands above the 97th percentile on the growth chart. On the other hand, many babies will put on weight fast in the first few months and can be 22lbs by 4 months of age, and you might not be ready to start using a convertible (RF & FF seat that remains installed in the vehicle). Babies generally slow down their weight gain, so don’t panic that your child is going to outgrow the infant seat soon if your baby is 15lbs at 8 weeks!

-Lowest Harness Slot. This might be one of the most important things to look for. There are several seats we do not recommend because they do not fit an average newborn at all.

The box says it fits from 5lbs, so why won’t a 7lb baby fit? Because the harness straps must be AT or BELOW the baby’s shoulders and if the lowest harness slot isn’t low enough, the baby is too small for the seat. All the infant seats on our recommended list have low enough slots to accommodate even small babies because they all have low enough harness slots or positions. How to check: when you are at a store that has infant seats on display, look at the distance from the crease of the seat (where baby’s bum would be), to the lowest slot. Compare a few seats. You may notice some have a much greater distance. A long torso baby may fit just fine in these seats, but that’s a gamble. If you are at risk of preterm or low birth weight babies, this is especially important. Currently, all seats that start at 4lbs also have low harness slots to accommodate small babies.

-Fit to Vehicle.

Some seats are more narrow than others. Some are shorter front to back. If you have other people or child seats in your vehicle or if the front to back (leg room) situation is short, these are very important factors.

Some bases have built in lock offs that make install the base securely easier than with the seat-belt alone, if lower anchors (UAS) are not available in that seating position. All bases have UAS hooks included although some seating positons (mostly the centre seat) do not allow borrowing the anchors from the outer seating positions so require a seatbelt install. Some vehicles do not have UAS (any vehicle made after 2001 will have at least two seating positions with UAS), so seatbelt install is required. Do not use both UAS AND seatbelt together. It’s one or the other, not both. They are equally safe as long as the install is correct. Always read your manual to see what is permitted for your specific seat.

Vehicles come with all sorts of slopes on their 2nd row seats. Some bases are adjustable while others require the use of a tightly rolled towel or pool noodle segments to achieve a proper newborn recline. Having the seat installed at the proper recline is very important as it helps keep a newborns airway clear.

-Ease of Use.

Can this seat be installed easily in most vehicles? Does the handle require a specific locked position when driving that is going to be an issue? Can this seat be installed baseless easily when we ride in other vehicles other than our primary car? Is this seat heavy, even when empty and going to be an issue to carry around when a larger baby is in it? These are all great question and a friendly CRST would be happy to answer these questions for you!

Contacting a car seat tech can help you narrow your search to specific seats that meet your needs, are best suited for your vehicle and fit your budget. There are some fantastic seats on the low end of the budget scale, so you don’t always have to pay big bucks on a seat that you may use for under a year.

More expensive seat might not necessarily mean they are safer, but have certain features that make use easier or may fit your vehicle better.

Need help? Have questions?

Find a nationally certified CRST (Child Restraint Systems Technician) near you here!

Find a tech

A great resource is our friends over at Vancouver Island Car Seat Techs. They keep an up-to-date compilation of recommended Canadian car seats. If you don’t see the seat you’ve been eyeing on this list, there’s likely a good reason it’s missing. :


Janice Kampman, CRST

I’m a Fraser Valley based car seat technician, passionate about child passenger safety. I have 4 young kids and usually 5 car seats installed in my van. I love working with people to figure out a 3-across that works for their vehicle, testing fit of car seats in clients vehicles (with my vast collection of seats!) and advising people of what seat would work best for their situation. You can contact me here:

[email protected]

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What Are We Up To This Fall?

by Amanda

First off.. Welcome to our blog if this is your first time visiting! Second.. we are exciting to announce:


Once again you will be able to find your FAVORITE doulas at the Baby & Tot show in Abbotsford, BC.

(if you look really close in the video you will see lots of footage of our beautiful booth from last year!)

BC’s Largest Baby & Toddler Expo

October 24 2015 – 10am – 5pm

October 25 2015 11am -4pm

Tradex – Trade & Exhibition Centre in Abbotsford

1190 Cornell Street Abbotsford, BC  V2T 6H5


  • Shop & sample over 150 exhibitors
  • Get educated on everything you need to know from pregnancy to birth & beyond!
  • Chat with experts behind your favorite brands & save big with show specials!
  • Enter to win a Gourmet ALL INCLUSIVE 8 day/7 night Family trip for four at Azul Fives Hotel, by Karisma Mexico! Courtesy of Flight Centre Associates  
  • LOTS to see & do for your little ones! From our play area to meet & greet with their favorite characters, it will be a feast for their little eyes & ears!

There’s so much to see and do at The Baby & Tot Show! A valuable event for expectant parents & families.

Stay tuned for ticket giveaways, Yellow Bird Birth’s grand prize draws and so much more!



-Amanda & Jaclyn

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