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Exciting Surrogacy News!

by Heidi


Exciting News!!

Hopefully you have been following along on Kara’s (YBB Part Owner/Manager) surrogacy journey on our Facebook/Instagram over the last few weeks.  After months of preparing with hormone injections, medications, blood work and ultrasounds it was finally time for the embryo transfer to happen! Amanda & Kara traveled down to Las Vegas to one of the best fertility clinics for the week.

We began with a very early morning of more blood work and then the actual transfer happening at noon! We posted a few videos of the procedure on our Facebook Page so everyone would understand all that goes into this process.  Honestly, it was quite quick AND the clinic Skyped in the Intended Father so he could be there to watch his little embryo start it’s journey.  It was a beautiful moment and we could actually see a flash on the ultrasound screen as the doctor made the transfer take place.  Truly magical!

A tradition following an embryo transfer for surrogates is to grab an order of McDonald’s fries on the way home! It’s said that it helps the embryo stick.  Who knows though?  Except….

IT WORKED!!  After spending 48 hours on bedrest following the procedure, we flew home and waiting for the day to find out the news.

More blood tests occurred and the news came in, Kara is officially pregnant with her first surrogate baby!!!!!! We are beyond excited for the family and that we are encouraged to share her story along the way with all of you who may be going through surrogacy or IVF journeys of your own.

Check out our Facebook Page for a video from Kara coming soon!

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