Hire a Doula?

When you decide to hire a doula, you make a choice to have a support system that is specifically there for you, the mother. Your emotional, physical and even spiritual needs are accounted for. Most often there is a reduction in extra medical necessities like labor inducing drugs, and pain medications. You can have confidence in your doula to advocate for you and your partner in times that you may not clearly understand what is happening.

Hospital Births?

Yes! We attend both home and hospital births. At a hospital birth, we can come to your home to support you in the beginning of the birth process, and will go to the hospital (Abbotsford or Chilliwack) with you when you are ready. In the case of a planned home birth, we join you in your home when the birth process begins. And if your planned home birth needs to transfer to the hospital, we will also follow you there and continue to provide support.

Midwife or Doula?

A midwife is a medically trained care provider who will take care of the health of the mother and baby as a doctor or obstetrician would. Doulas are specifically trained to care for the mother’s emotional needs and physical comfort. Doulas do not measure blood pressure or fetal heart rates, or perform any form of medical interventions. Doulas do provide non-medical pain-relieving techniques, such as massage and birthing positions to support a woman through the birth process and thus, reduce the need for medications.

Partners Role?

A doula’s primary job is to support the mother in any way she can. For many women, that means helping the partner be very involved, deepening their connection, and their trust in each other through the birth process. A doula does not replace a partner’s role, but rather works as a team with him, suggesting ways to better support the birthing woman through massage, and other comfort techniques. Many partners are very thankful for a doula through the birth process because she can help him be useful at all times, or take over so he can rest or eat!