Meet the Doula: Amanda

Hi! I am so glad you have stopped by to visit our blog. Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Amanda, a birth doula and prenatal fitness instructor. I have a super manly husband of just about 5 years whom I love to pieces and is my rock. Our favorite adventures are long road trips together where I sing loud and he rolls his eyes but secretly loves it! We have two beautiful young children that are full of life and excitement.

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I love… Coffee. Dancing. Hiking. A clean house. Birth.

In the forest is where I get grounded. I often find myself craving the feeling of walking long windy trails full of tall trees and refreshing energy. I crave pushing myself to higher places with views of the world. My children are calmed by the outdoors, they have come to an age where they just sit and take in the beauty and I love watching them experience a life outside of the city.


I boost my self-confidence through dance. I taught women’s dance/fitness movement for a long time before becoming a doula and learned that the more I danced, the stronger I became in my own body and self-esteem. To love your body and how it moves is such a gift, especially through pregnancy.

It feels like a life time ago but I actually started out in quite a different career than birth. I was trained in architectural design and worked as a designer/drafter for many years until I had my babies and dreaded the thought of leaving them each day.  A random fact about me.. I use to also race drag cars!

My love of birth started with my mother. She was trained as a doula over 20 years ago and while she doesn’t work with clients except her daughters anymore, she taught us a lot about the power of a woman’s body and its ability to birth and sustain the life of a baby. My other influence was my sister-in-law Edolbina who is very close to completing her midwifery training. She shared her Ina May Gaskin books with me and I was hooked! I had the privilege of training with Ina May last month and was mesmerized with her wisdom and excitement for pregnancy and birth.


Being a doula is a passion for me and while I love holding those squishy new little babies, my favorite part is watching a woman become a mother. Assisting her and her partner in learning and making informed decisions during their pregnancy to when their baby joins the world. I love encouraging and helping during each tightening and seeing women find a strength that they never knew they had.

I am feel blessed to be on this journey.

Birth Doula and Prenatal Fitness Instructor

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