Prenatal class


Prenatal Intensive Classes

Join us for prenatal classes taught by our Yellow Bird Team.  An afternoon of Child Birth Preparation will give you the knowledge and confidence as you going into the birth process and bringing your newborn home.  Classes hosted monthly, click below to register and reserve your spot.

$89 per couple

Prenatal Intensive (Abbotsford, Cheam Wellness Group): September 12th 2019, 6-9pm

Prenatal Intensive (Chilliwack, Maternity Tree Clinic):  September 21st 2019, 1-4pm 

Prenatal Intensive (Abbotsford, Cheam Wellness Group): October 10th 2019, 6-9pm

Prenatal Intensive (Chilliwack, Maternity Tree Clinic ):  October 26th 2019, 1-4pm

Prenatal Intensive (Chilliwack, Maternity Tree Clinic): November 9th 2019, 1-4pm

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Private Prenatal Sessions

Private and Semi Private Prenatal Sessions in the comfort of your home starting at $125+tax. Contact us for more info!

“Overall I really enjoyed it! I thought you did a fantastic job of describing the intensity of labour, without creating any fear. It was empowering, and made me excited to have ‘tools in my tool belt’ for labour. I also love that my husband has an idea of what he can do during labour to support me, and what to expect from the different stages of labour. I found the advice, even about resting and eating a good meal during the first stage of labour helpful – as I can see how I would want to clean/get things ready/walk a lot to get labour progressing. I am excited to go through labour and birth for the first time – and I hope everything I learned from you guys will really help me feel prepared and equipped when I’m in the moment. Thanks again!”