Something Was Missing…

I was sitting in a room of expecting moms the other night. Listening to their stories, their excitement, worries and how they were feeling that day. I love this. I love listening to each beautiful detail but something stood out to me. There was a need and a want, something was missing for them in their pregnancies.

Connection. Community. Other women who were in the same stage of life.

I started thinking back to when I was first pregnant. I was working full time, most of my friends had careers and busy with dating or their new marriages and spent their weekends socializing and traveling. It was relaxing and I enjoyed that lifestyle but I felt like I was standing with a foot on each side of the line. I was partly in my social circle of friends and the other half of me was entering into a new world of motherhood. It was difficult to meet other women going through pregnancy. There are many many groups in my area for new moms. Mommy and Me workouts, meet ups and baby music classes. But other than taking a prenatal class where you walk in, learn and leave without getting much for interaction, there wasn’t much for an expecting mom.

Have you felt like this? Have you been able to find women to surround yourself with who are going through pregnancy at the same time? Building good solid friendships.

I wanted to create a place where women, during their pregnancies, can come and build relationships, talk about what they are feeling that week and get a good workout at the same time.   A place where it is relaxing to come and stretch your body and work out any discomforts you are having. A place where you can laugh a lot and get a little crazy (just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t shake your hips!).


I am inviting YOU! Come join us. Special invitation to hang out with great women, relieve pain during your pregnancy and have a fantastic time!

Don’t miss out on our July prenatal fitness session, sign up today! Email me at [email protected] to reserve your spot for this 4 week session!


Doula and Prenatal Fitness Instructor in the Fraser Valley, including Abbotsford and Chilliwack

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