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Need a bit of SPICE in your Pregnancy?

by Heidi

Need a bit of SPICE in your pregnancy? Hint… We aren’t talking cooking.

It’s the month of love and it’s getting steamy with couples ready for Valentine’s Day.  Roses, chocolate and perhaps a night away in a romantic hotel furnished with the MOST COMFORTABLE bed you have ever slept in.  Sounds nice doesn’t it?  All of this won’t get you revved up and ready for a spicy night with your partner if your hormones have taken your sex drive hostage!

It happens. Many women have a pumped up drive during pregnancy while others wonder if they will ever get back to feeling sexy and normal again! Fair enough, your body has undergone major changes and perhaps nausea and tiredness are still lingering.

Slight changes in your day can prepare your mind and body to get you in the mood.  Touching throughout your day is a perfect way to feel connected.  Holding hands during a walk, a bit of a longer kiss before you leave for work and spending an evening cuddled up together all help lead to a steamy night.  Does fatigue at night when you crawl into bed makes sex the last thought on your mind?  Try switching to mornings or afternoons when you feel more awake.

Pregnant Couple

Did you know research indicates women who regularly engage in intercourse during pregnancy have lower chances of giving birth prematurely? Having orgasms may be the key to lowering chances of giving birth early.  Great news, now let’s get spiced up!

  • Buy Maternity Lingerie: What better way to feel good than flaunting your new curves with intimates that are pretty AND comfortable!
  • Book a Photo Shoot: Maternity shoots are all the rage right now.  Spend an afternoon in a cozy bedroom with candles lit, music playing and some bright red lipstick as all the attention is on you making beautiful poses.  Or take it outdoors to a lush forest with a flowing dress that fits your curves oh so well.
  • Escape on a Baby-moon: A romantic little hotel in the next city for a night or flying away on a sun-filled, white beach vacation.  Either way a change of scenery may be the trick to spicing up sex!  Leave your worries at home and take some time to focus on each other before baby comes.
  • Find a Good Position: What felt good before might not be working for you.  Switch it up!  Getting on top, side by side (keeps the most weight off your uterus) or sitting down can make all the difference plus throwing a couple pillows in there takes comfort to the next level.

Communication and openness are the keys to maintaining or improving sexual satisfaction during your pregnancy.  Keep talking and remember, what is normal for other couples may not be normal for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Amanda & Jaclyn

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Blessingway Necklaces, Handmade by Opechee

by Heidi

Blessingway Necklaces, Handmade by Opechee

I have to say, meeting Monica at the Vintage Market last month was such a treat.  She is sweet, lovely and makes BEAUTIFUL creations!

Blessingway 1

Each bead in a blessingway necklace is gifted to the momma to be by a loved woman in her life.  Along with the bead, a positive message of love and encouragement is given to her for her labour and her entry into motherhood.  The blessingway necklace is then strung by Monica (Opechee) with love and positive thoughts for her labour and delivery.  It serves as a reminder of her village and can be used as a focus during labour to remember how strong and loved she is.


A beautiful gift to an expecting mother to wear during her labour so she can have a constant reminder of all the love and support circling around her.

Make sure you visit and Like Opechee (o-pea-she): Jewelry featuring chic designs built around one of a kind vintage pieces HERE and find your own personal blessingway necklace! (and so much more!)

Not sure what a blessingway is?  Read here!


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